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Online Language Exchange

Updated: Feb 3

A Bilingual Trip a Click Away: Discover the benefits of Online Language Exchange

In the digital universe of language learning, online exchange unlocks global connections without the need to travel abroad. Now it is much easier. You can practice the language, make friends or learn about places, traditions and cultures from home. It may not be as exciting as taking a trip, but it is very interesting and very comfortable!

However, the real human connection factor is what makes the difference between learning online versus learning in real life. We know a lot about this at Clan Natal since we are in charge of breaking boundaries and connecting with students from anywhere, enhancing human connections, even if it is through the screen, but we connect live and with people. We create a collaborative atmosphere full of linguistic, cultural and social learning. And full of laughter too!

At Clan Natal we have a bilingual project between Spanish and English to exchange languages, learning a current topic of interest every week to practice it later in class using English and Spanish.

I am Natalia, and because of my studies as a teacher specialized in bilingualism between Spanish and English and my experience in Clan Natal, here are some tips to turn your language exchange into an extraordinary adventure:

1 - Be Bold in your Connections:

Don't be afraid to take the first step. Start conversations, share experiences and immerse yourself in the diversity of accents and expressions that only a language exchange can offer. At Clan Natal, I am in charge of giving the floor and ensuring that you all participate and feel comfortable doing so.

2 - Equal Time in Both Languages:

Make sure that each participant has enough time to speak in both languages. This allows for equal exchange and gives each person the opportunity to practice and learn.

In my bilingual classes, we do reading aloud to listen to different accents, vocabulary practice, and conversation, all thanks to previously prepared classes and time control.

3 - Predefined Conversation Topic:

Choose a conversation topic in advance. This will allow them to prepare and look up relevant vocabulary.

In the Clan Natal community, every week, before meeting online, I leave a new topic of current interest according to the calendar or the news. To do this, I give everything you need to prepare on the topic: Reading, vocabulary, expressions, conversation questions for the exchange session and recommended extra resources.

4 - Provide and Receive Constructive Feedback:

Foster an environment of mutual learning by providing constructive feedback. Identify areas for improvement and highlight the positives. This feedback will help both of you develop your skills in the opposite language with respect and empathy. To do this, listen actively and take notes of what you want to tell the cooler as a suggestion for improvement so that you won't forget.

5 - Use Online Resources:

Exploit online resources, such as dictionaries, translation applications and educational materials. Share with your partner links to articles, videos or songs that you can discuss during the session to enrich the conversation.

In our community, I and the students are free to share any information of interest for our weekly sessions.


Remember that the key to a successful oral exchange is patience and the willingness to learn and teach. Enjoy the process and celebrate the progress in both languages!

If you want to be part of the bilingual community and attend our bilingual group classes to practice exchanging Spanish and English, join now and start enjoying the experience of travelling online.



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