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The physical products of this digital store are distributed throughout the world, no matter where you are. At Clan Natal we care about the environment, therefore, I myself ensure that these products are manufactured on demand instead of in large quantities, and that they comply with the possible measures for this. Likewise, all base products are made from sustainable brands and comply with eco certifications.

Equipo de producción

Responsible production

  • Reduction of products with production only to order.

  • Packed with plrecycled elastic in the necessary cases of use of plastic.

  • Ecological products with organic, biodegradable or recycled components.

  • Official sustainability certificates of the product and ethics of the manufacturing process like Got's.

  • Collaboration with sustainable brands such as Stanley/Stella or SOL'S.

  •  The organic cotton source is from the Econscious brand, which uses vegan materials with PETA approval and is GOTS certified: 

Fast and efficient shipping.

Production locations in different regions strategically designed to ship products from the center closest to the customer and thus reduce carbon dioxide (CO₂) emissions and reduce shipping time. 


Entrega de paquetes
Plantas de vivero

Quality and sustainability. 

By taking into account the quality of the products, we also promote sustainability since these products will last longer over time.


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