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Thinking about doing a language program?

Here's a tip that I wish I had known when I was learning English (and other languages).

I have studied with applications, of which I got bored on the third day, I tried to watch movies and series without understanding anything, and I have taken courses on my own that in the end, I left them unfinished.

I have also gone for years to conventional academies where they taught me a lot, however, I practised little or nothing, and I was not able to have a conversation or say a sentence with confidence and fluency despite studying grammar and vocabulary well.

What does all this mean? Lost time. Well, not a total loss of time, but either the equivalent to all the hours I dedicated to it.

I tell you all this because from that experience as a student, and later, as an English and Spanish teacher, I have learned a lot about the process of learning a language. So here's my best advice so you can avoid wasting time.

Choose a complete program, with a professional teacher who knows how to guide you at each stage and level, knowing well the content for each level and who makes you practice and speak, not just study. Combine study with practice, and make mistakes, you will learn from the mistakes.

That's great and you will learn a lot, but to be honest, the best advice is:

Come study at Clan Natal, because my online academy offers that and more.

In Clan Natal, you will find:

  • Individualized classes: You will have an online calendar to reserve your individual classes at the time and days you can. By being just you in class you will be able to practice and receive personalized feedback, learning much more.

  • Practical content for class and at home: Combine study with practice and don't limit yourself only to class hours.

  • Bilingual community: Meet, interact and practice with people from all over the world who have something in common with you: learning English or Spanish.

  • Coaching: Receive daily accompaniment to better practice and resolve possible doubts.

I think that with this, you have a clear idea of how to avoid wasting time looking for a program and doing it.

Will I see you in Clan Natal this year? Book a session from my profile to see your case and create a strategy for you.

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