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Bilingual Lifestyle!

Bilingual community and lessons

At Clan Natal we break borders and travel the world connecting online with people from different countries every week. Here, diversity is celebrated, and connection is forged through dialogue, sharing experiences and discovering together the wonders of both languages.

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Bilingual group lessons every week (total of 12 lessons)

In these classes, first there is a presentation of a topic of current interest to analyze and learn from the use of both languages. Afterwards, we leave a few minutes to practice conversation in small rooms where you can listen to other natives and non-natives, boosting your listening skills and leaving behind the fear of talking to other people.


Private Bilingual Community and member chat:

Imagine being part of a community where every week we explore new exciting topics in English and Spanish. A place where you can share, ask questions, and celebrate linguistic achievements.


Study notebooks:

Every week, before the bilingual class, you have access to the class notebook with everything you need to study and prepare for the class and the conversation.


Conexión Instantánea:

For your convenience, you have an intuitive mobile application that allows you to access the group, the calendar and the chart, so you can view the resources and practice anytime, anywhere.

There is the possibility of paying in 3 installments.

Contact me to request it or for more information.

I like it a lot because the students are great and also serious. I like helping Spanish speakers and I like the variety of accents.
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