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What do you get with my help?

​A transformation on a linguistic and personal level.

  • On a linguistic level, we will work hand in hand on all aspects related to the language, practising linguistic skills in different areas and situations of life.

  • On a personal level, we will focus on your main reason for learning the language, that is, on your dream, whether it is to get a better job, live abroad, do conferences in your foreign language, or any other reason, we will train the confidence to lose fear and achieve your goals.

planes de precios


  • PLAN 1

    • Acceso al curso de tu nivel en el campus para siempre
    • Material exclusivo continuamente
    • 6 clases individuales
    • 3 meses de acompañamiento personalizado y guía individual
    • Desafíos lingüísticos entre clases
    • 8 sesiones bilingües
    • Comunidad privada bilingüe
    • BONUS 1: Cuaderno de clase personalizado a tus intereses
    • BONUS 2: Embajador Clan Natal con descuentos y comisiones
  • PLAN 2

    • Material exclusivo continuamente
    • 8 sesiones bilingües
    • Acompañamiento y soporte grupal
    • Comunidad privada bilingüe
    • BONUS 1 : Embajador Clan Natal con descuentos y comisiones

Payment in installments available.

Contact me to request it.

Escritorio personal

Our features


Custom program:

A plan based on your needs, fears and goals. With individual classes, support, guidance and linguistic challenges in the process.


A Virtual Campus (web and app):

With the "bilingual lifestyle" method you will find material with stories in Spanish and English, learning in context, without hardly realizing it. In addition to video classes, grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening and interactive activities


Private Bilingual Community and member chat:

An exclusive bilingual place where you can learn, share, ask questions, and celebrate linguistic achievements with other students, native and non-native.


Bilingual Group Lessons:

Every Thursday we meet live and I present a topic of current interest with my bilingual method, we analyze differences between both languages for a better understanding and we practice with activities and communication proposals. (They are recorded if you can't attend)

Do you have questions or doubts?

Let's meet for a free consultation!

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    30 min


Do you prefer advice by message?

Contact me directly in the chat, I will assist you as soon as possible.

Don't forget to leave your email and phone number so I can contact you later.

I like it a lot because the students are great and also serious. I like helping Spanish speakers and I like the variety of accents.

Why choose Clan Natal?

  • Break language barriers to improve your personal and professional life.

  • Enjoy individual classes adapted to your needs and goals with constant support.

  • Gain confidence with the language: Communicate without fear with other people in the community .

  • Connect with people: Learn about different cultures and expand your horizons without leaving your home with my bilingual sessions.

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