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Spanish teacher online for adults - Profesora de inglés online para adultos - Teacher specialised in Bilingualism


Un clan con interés en el idioma natal


Spanish - English

At Clan Natal, we do not understand language learning simply as a course,
we see it as a lifestyle!

This online academy is for you if...

  • You seek better job opportunities and career advancement; mastering the language is essential.

  • You live abroad and want to enhance your quality of life, but you need confidence in the language.

  • You want to connect with people, but language is a barrier.

  • You need a flexible program that fits your schedule and lifestyle.

  • You value personalized guidance and support at every step.

  • You want a practical approach tailored to real situations and specific needs.

Habitación blanca

With my "Bilingual Lifestyle" method I help you achieve your dreams.

Let's meet for a free online consultation to find out your goals and show you how you can achieve them!

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Do you prefer advice by message?

Contact me directly on WhatsApp or in the web chat.

Don't forget to leave your email and phone number so I can contact you later if you write to me on the website.

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My name is Natalia, I am the creator of Clan Natal, a teacher of Spanish and English as foreign languages specialized in bilingualism between these two languages.


My name has the Latin root "natal", which is related to "native and life", and that is what my project is about: Creating a "clan" of people passionate about language and life.


I could tell you more about me and my language teaching, but better to tell you about my students.

Muebles de madera

Start working on the language and your dreams!

More information, prices and inquiries from this button.

I like it a lot because the students are great and also serious. I like helping Spanish speakers and I like the variety of accents.

¡Empieza a trabajar el idioma y por tus sueños!

Más información, precios y consultas desde este botón.

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