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General sales conditions

These General Conditions of Sale will be applied to the commercialization of the products included in any of the pages of (hereinafter, the SITE), together with the Conditions of Use that the USER admits to knowing and accepts, that can be consulted in this link.

Sales contract

The legal and fiscal owner of is Natalia Motiño Díaz, with tax identification number (NIF) 46069058N and domiciled at C / Veredón de los Frailes, nº188, 14719, Córdoba.

When a USER places an order on the SITE, he is declaring that he is of legal age according to Spanish legislation (18 years) and accepting these General Conditions of Sale, this contract being formalized when the USER receives an email from the administrators of the SITE confirming the order. Once the administrators of the SITE certify the payment of the amounts corresponding to the products included in the order, the USER will receive another email confirming the purchase.

Payment Methods

Natalia Motiño Díaz accepts payments with credit or debit cards Visa, MasterCard and American Express . The USER who chooses this payment option must enter his card details during the purchase process. The SITE only stores the last 4 numbers of the card used for the purchase in order to inform the user in the future of the card with which the payment was made. The rest of the data is sent in encrypted form to the STRIPE platform, which is in charge of managing the payment. In the case of recurring payments, the STRIPE platform is in charge of issuing the payment, guaranteeing with its redundant security systems the security and confidentiality of the data provided by the USER, which does not pass through the SITE again.

The SITE also supports payments directly through the PayPal platform .com for those who have a user on it. In addition, you can pay on this same platform without having to be registered using a Visa, Visa Electron, 4B, Euro6000, MasterCard, American Express or international Maestro cards. The USER who wants to pay for their order with any of these credit or debit cards must enter their data in the PayPal payment platform, to which they will be redirected at the end of the purchase process. The use of this allows to ensure the highest levels of security during the payment process since the data is managed through the secure servers of this company specialized in online payment. The SITE does not collect or store any data from our USERS related to the cards or the PAYPAL account used to pay for orders. In the case of recurring payments, the PAYPAL platform is in charge of creating an "Automatic Payment Profile", which the user can manage from his PAYPAL account, guaranteeing with its redundant security systems the security and confidentiality of the data provided. by the USER, who do not go through the SITE again.

In any case, all communications between the page and the USER are secured by means of an SSL security certificate, in such a way that the USER can verify at any time that the page visited belongs to the SITE by verifying the URL and the symbol of "secure site ”Placed in front of this URL, which will be https.

Likewise, payments are accepted through bank transfers in the account indicated by the SITE at the end of the purchase process. In these cases, the SITE will not assume any commission or charge that any of the banking entities involved in the process may generate during it and of which it is impossible (due to ignorance) to inform during the purchase process. Products that involve a recurring payment cannot be purchased by this means.

We are working on other payment systems, but at the moment payments cannot be made in cash or by checks, promissory notes or direct debits, among other unaccepted payment methods.

Taxes and invoices

According to current tax legislation in Spain, teaching Spanish is exempt from Value Added Tax (VAT), so orders do not include any additional charge for taxes of this type.

The USER who requires an invoice or any additional document proving the purchase, may request it at the following email address:

Class rules: Ownership, validity, reservations, modifications and cancellation

  • Classes are individual for the person who buys them and their transfer or sale to third parties is prohibited, unless expressly authorized in writing by the administrators of the SITE.

  • In the event that the buyer is a company or similar, the classes and packages may be used by several USERS, who must be previously identified by the buyer.

  • The USER can reserve classes with a minimum of 24 working hours in advance.

  • The USER can modify the date and time of the reserved class or classes at least 48 working hours in advance.

  • The USER may not cancel the classes or packages purchased.

  • If the USER is late to class, he must notify the teacher in advance by sending an email to the address or on Skype. If there is no prior notice of the delay to the class, a waiting margin of 15 minutes will be allowed, if the student does not appear after 15 minutes, the class will be canceled and paid.

  • In the event that the teacher must cancel the classes (under justified causes), the student will receive the full amount of the classes.

  • The USER can only take the test lesson once.

Subscription Products and Standards (Podcasts)

The products under subscription of the SITE are subject to a recurring payment, that is, with a certain periodicity that will be informed during the purchase process. The USER will not be able to cancel the subscription once it has been made.

These products may only be used by the USER who acquired them, their transfer or sale to third parties being prohibited.

In addition, the private areas to which these products give the right of access can only be visited by an IP and device simultaneously, reserving the SITE the right to automatically expel all but one of the devices or IP addresses.

Modification of the General Conditions of Sale

The SITE reserves the right to make changes at any time to its website, its policies and its terms and conditions, including these General Conditions of Sale. The USER will be subject to the policies, terms and conditions in force at the time they place their order, unless, by law or requirement of public authorities, changes must be made to them (in which case these changes are could apply to any order placed previously). If any of these conditions is declared invalid, null or ineffective for any reason, that condition will be understood to be excluded without affecting the validity of the rest of the General Conditions of Sale.

Our data

Clan Natal is owned by Natalia Motiño Díaz, whose tax information is as follows:

Social denomination:

Natalia Motiño Diaz




C / Veredón de los Frailes, nº 188, 14719, Córdoba



e-mail: /

Note from NATALIA:

(In the tax data that I have on the papers, I have the phone number that was not of the company, that is, the one that begins with 679, and the email that I created with Gmail, that's why I have put both.

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