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Spanish teacher online for adults - Profesora de inglés online para adultos - Teacher specialised in Bilingualism


Un clan con interés en el idioma natal


Spanish - English

At Clan Natal we do not understand language learning simply as a course with an end date,
We see it as a lifestyle!

This online academy is for you if...

  • Do you want to be an Erasmus student?

Communicate without barriers during your Erasmus exchange and live the experience to the fullest.

  • You want to travel the world

Don't let the fear of speaking another language stop you from traveling and seeing the world.

  • You aspire to boost your career

Expand and improve your job opportunities.

  • You dream of living abroad

Transform your life abroad by gaining confidence in the language.

  • You long to connect and practice with people

Continue learning by connecting with people and learn about their cultures and traditions through the use of language.

Habitación blanca

Discover my " Bilingual Lifestyle " method, and learn English at your own pace, with guidance and support, and connecting with people online.


  • Access to the digital campus on the web and in the app forever

  • Courses based on the "Bilingual Lifestyle" method: stories with audio and text, video classes, activities, and more.

  • Private bilingual community: connect with other students and practice both languages.

  • Personalized support and accompaniment via chat and in the community.

  • BONUS: Possibility of being part of live bilingual classes along with new material every week.


Normally: 197 EUROS
Offer Price: 49 EUROS

  • When do I start the course?
    At the moment! From the moment of purchase, you will be able to access the course and the community. You will receive an email to access the program, in addition, I will personally contact you by email / chat to help and guide you with your course.
  • How long do I have access to the course?
    Forever. Including new modifications, updates, and material.
  • Can I attend classes live?
    No, this course is to be done at your own pace, but you have the possibility of attending whenever you want. That is, once in the course, you have access to the community, and you will see that there are live classes every week. You can access them with an exclusive membership for the people who take the courses.
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My name is Natalia, I am the creator of Clan Natal, a teacher of Spanish and English as foreign languages specialized in bilingualism between these two languages.


My name has the Latin root "natal", which is related to "native and life", and that is what my project is about: Creating a "clan" of people passionate about language and life.


I could tell you more about me and my language teaching, but better to tell you about my students.

Natalia was extremely friendly and helpful in explaining the material. I'm addition, she was well-prepared and was able to give me a bath clear and supportive example of what I could expect with taking lessons from her. I already signed up! You should too! 😃
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